Navigating Menopause with Naturopathic Medicine

No woman will go through peri-menopause or menopause in exactly the same way….

… and it’s important to have an individualized plan. Embarking on the journey of menopause and figuring out how to best deal with hormone changes, weight issues and sleep disturbances can be a challenging phase in a woman’s life.

In a quest for relief, many women explore Naturopathic Medicine because Naturopathic Doctors take extra time with their patients and look at their whole health picture. NDs in Ontario can prescribe bio-identical hormone creams, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, diet changes, homeopathy and acupuncture to help with hot flashes, insomnia and mood shifts.

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The Initial Naturopathic Visit for Hormone Balancing

During a first visit, Naturopaths take the time to understand a patient’s unique health history and symptom picture. They can also perform standard physical exams. Unlike short conventional medical appointments, Naturopathic patients often say that the session feels more like a conversation where they can openly discuss their challenges, without feeling rushed. 

At Bright Moon Wellness, initial visits last 90 minutes and include a whole body health assessment. In Naturopathic Medicine, a person’s primary concerns remain the focus or starting point of the visit, but they aren’t the only thing discussed. Sometimes a symptom like insomnia or weight gain isn’t just about menopausal hormones. Sometimes, stress hormones, thyroid imbalances, and eating habits play a role, too.

Tailoring the Wellness Plan

After discussing health concerns like menopause-related weight gain and insomnia, Naturopaths will draft a personalized patient plan that includes various natural modalities. If patients are on prescription medications, recommendations will take this into account, so they don’t have to stop using pharmaceuticals or take on the onus of assessing interactions.

If warranted, NDs can requisition lab tests like conventional blood panels, saliva hormone panels, and urine tests for hormone metabolites. Lab results are discussed during follow-up visits and specific recommendations are woven into their plan.

Woman with question mark balloon that is illuminated against the dark contrast of the photo.

Popular natural supports for menopausal patients:

Herbal Supplements

A variety of herbs in capsules, tinctures and teas have a long history of use. Modern scientific studies and hundreds of years of safe effective use accompany this popular modality.



Many people find that Acupuncture sessions quickly alleviate bothersome symptoms and provide deep relaxation with each visit. Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.


Nutrition Modifications

Eating what is best for your body, hormones and gut microbiome is foundational for everyone’s health, especially women going through menopause. Working with a Naturopathic Doctor or nutrition expert can help you make the choices that are best for you. Food intolerance testing is also an option with a Naturopathic Doctor.


Lifestyle Changes

Honouring the interconnectedness of body and mind, stress reduction techniques and sleep hygiene are often part of a path to health.


Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Some women opt to use small doses of hormones through their menopausal years. Many Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario have their prescribing license to recommend topical hormone preparations.

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It’s Time for a Refreshing Change

For women facing challenges during menopause or looking at preventative options, an Initial Naturopathic Visit can be a refreshing departure from other medical appointments.

The holistic approach, personalized recommendations and comprehensive lab tests empower patients to feel their best.

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MEET THE AUTHOR: Dr. Jackie Keeney, ND

She/Her. NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR Dr. Keeney practices in deep alignment with the Naturopathic principle: Treat the Whole Person. She feels that it is important to understand not only a patient’s physical symptoms but also their environment, stresses and nature. Dr. Keeney believes that our busy modern lifestyle takes a toll on our immunity, nervous system, hormones and overall vitality. Her core approach emphasizes individualized medicine with unique treatment plans, tailored lab work, and Naturopathic modalities that best suit the patient’s needs..

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